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You don't have to sacrifice quality or fence type when looking for a fence that's within your budget. There are many fencing styles and materials on the market today ensuring you will find a fence you will love at a price you'll be thrilled with.

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The first step is to determine how much fence you will need and how high it should be. Check your local zoning codes, most Tampa neighborhoods as well as all Florida cities and regions have this information online now for easy verification. A very important piece of this is to confirm the property line.

Other factors to remember during this phase are based on your neighborhood. Do you belong to a home owner's association? Are you in a new Tampa development or historic building area? Depending on your relationships with your neighbors, it might be nice to mention your intentions to them as well just so they feel they are not out of the loop.

The next step is determining the main purpose for your fence. Will it be used for safety, decoration, security, privacy? Each of these reasons provides a different set of fencing styles from which to choose.

Decorative fencing can be shorter in height than privacy or security fencing but can be more money if elaborately crafted.

Step three is selecting the type of material. Do you wish to have wood, vinyl, chain link, aluminum? There are pros and cons to installing each of these. You can weigh your options and select the right one for your needs.

Chain link is toward the more inexpensive end however may not be as visually appealing to you than wood or vinyl fencing. Wood can bring a rustic feel to your yard without a heavy price tag. Vinyl is sturdy and easy to maintain but the price goes up because of these benefits.

If you feel you need help during any step of the planning process, we can help. With decades of experience serving the Tampa Bay area, the Professional Fence team can give you the answers you are looking for to all your fencing questions.

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