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Fence Care Tips

A fence can look and last a long time if taken care of properly. All it takes is a little periodically scheduled maintenace to keep yours in top shape. Some if not all of your maintenance methods will change depending on the type of fence you get.

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Wooden fences should be properly sealed once a year to keep moisture and dirt from penetrating. Periodic inspection is also necessary to make sure no insects are attempting to use them as a home. Pay particular attention to the base of the fence where it touches the ground and around installed hardware such as gate latches etc. Loose or damaged boards should be replaced as well. Don't let fallen leaves and debri pile up near the base of the fence and minimize sprinkler exposure when possible by adjusting your system's spray zones.

Vinyl fencing doesn't require sealing or staining however it should be cleaned periodically as dirt can accumulate creating a foothold for other problems. The same rule applies to metal fencing as well.

Don't let vine plants latch onto your fence or any type of plant brush up against them. Before you know it, these plants will overwhelm your fence and make it easy for insect invaders to arrive. .

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