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Conditioning Your Tampa Fence

Although Florida winters don't get as cold as our northern neighbors, frequent temperature shifts can do damage to your wood fence. Since this is our dry season, it's a good idea to spend a little time on the fence, preparing it for the coming spring and summer.

Wood fences need a protective barrier from the elements in the form of some type of waterproof stain or sealant. Not only does it keep the moisture at bay, but also pests that want to call your fence home.

We also have a lot of falling leaves during the Florida winter. If leaves and debri accumulate along the base of your wood fence and begin decaying, it invites rot and later mold. Insects and larger animals looking for a good spot to hold up during the cold nights ahead become interested as well. We recommend raking leaf piles away from your fence to deter these unwanted visitors.

Always inspect your fence for damage after a really cold snap or very windy weather replacing damaged individual boards as soon as possible. These types of events can cause weakened trees and other debri to fall, possibly hurting your fence and breaking it's barrier to the elements. .

With just a little care every now and then, there's no reason your fence shouldn't last a long time. Catching issues early when they are minor as opposed to major is the key to maintaining a great looking, functional fence for years to come.

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